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Actros & Axor

A new class of trucks
In heavy construction-site operation, long-distance transport and heavy-duty distribution, the Actros & the Axor is the optimal, cost-effective answer to your transport needs. High-torque, long-life engines, coupled with application-matched transmission and axle configurations, give you the power you need. On the road, and on the construction site.
Extremely robust weight-optimised frames, specially designed for heavy loads and harsh road conditions, are a further attraction. And last but not least, they come with a choice of three different cab models, all with a wide choice of interior specification.
We're confident you will find just about everything to perfectly match your business needs. The new Mercedes-Benz trucks have been specially designed with robust frames, telligent suspension systems and powerful engines with high torque outputs. Inside they reflect the latest trends in cabin comfort and ergonomics.

Second Hand
A wide range of used trucks for resale. Whatever be your requirement. Imported and in good condition with original fittings and running engine condition. Pick one from a wide range to suit your needs
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